Pad printing

This technique of marking with a silicone stamp is one of the most popular techniques for customising promotional items.

doming permavision


Also known as permavision or 3D labelling, this process ensures a durable and sublimated print by applying a protective layer of transparent resin. 

gravure laser sur objets

Laser engraving

The customisation of promotional items by laser engraving offers an elegant and discreet result as well as an unalterable marking over time. 

transfert ceramique

Ceramic transfer

This technique of printing on ceramics, by means of a decal, is a modern solution that guarantees brilliant colours and durability.

impression sublimation


Enhance your corporate gifts with this printing technique on objects offering a high-quality photo reproduction of your original artwork.

Which marking technique is best suited to my customisation project?

The customisation technique to be used depends on many factors such as the type of material, the quantity to be produced, the number of colours to be printed, etc. Contact our advisors or visit our showroom in Ciney to determine the most suitable printing solution for your custom project.

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