A sustainable and eco-friendly textile brand

For its range of eco-friendly textiles, Empreinte.be has chosen to collaborate with Native Spirit, a committed brand of sustainable textile clothing and accessories. The collection is made with respect for the environment from recycled and/or organic materials such as lyocell, linen, organic cotton or recycled polyester.

In our catalogue, discover a complete range of wardrobe essentials for those who want to make a difference, without having to compromise on quality, style and comfort.

Why choose Native Spirit?

An ethical brand

Native Spirit is a brand developed with a specific goal, to participate in a more responsible world by creating unique and sustainable pieces. The production factories are chosen for their social, ethical and environmental commitments.

A wide range of colours

The textile collection is available in a wide range of natural colours directly inspired by the landscapes offered by nature.

Eco-friendly materials

Native Spirit products are made from recycled, organic and environmentally friendly materials: organic cotton, lyocell, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, linen, etc.

Sustainable fashion

Trendy items, both in their cut and in the colours. Sustainable and minimalist pieces that offer an eco-friendly vision of fashion.

t-shirt Native Spirit

Are you developing your own brand?

The items in the Native Spirit collections are No Label! This means that they do not carry any brand labels, which makes it easier to personalise and develop your identity and concept.

Native Spirit for your textile customisation project

Do you want to reduce your impact on our environment? Choose the Native Spirit collection, a complete range of eco-friendly clothing and accessories to personalise according to your communication objectives.

Whether you choose to print or embroider, our team will be happy to guide you towards the personalisation technique that best suits the needs of your project.

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