Benefits of laser engraving

Eco-friendly customisation

This inkless technique offers real added value in a project oriented towards sustainable development.

Quality of the marking

Customisation of goodies by laser engraving offers an elegant and discreet result with a very qualitative and long-lasting finish


Strong resistance

This type of marking causes an indelible change in the first layer of the marked material.

Versatile technique

The laser beam focuses the light and charges it with so much energy that it can melt metal, burn wood or frost glass.


Frequently asked questions

This computer-assisted engraving technique uses a laser beam to focus light and charge it with so much energy that it melts metal, burns wood, or etches glass. 

Due to the fineness and high temperature of the beam, this marking causes an indelible change in the first thickness of the structure of the marked material. 

Laser engraving is ideal if you want to add a logo or text to a promotional item made of metal, wood, glass or leather and guarantee a quality result.

The use of colours is impossible as no ink is used. The final colour is therefore determined by the colour of the material from which the object is made.


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