The files must be sent in the following formats :

  • .ai, .eps, .pdf vectorised
  • TIFF, JPEG, minimum resolution 600 dpi (drawing), and 300 dpi for the tone and frame (photo)
  • Format (high resolution) without compression

It is preferable to use computer graphics programs such as :

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Quark Xpress
  • In Design
  • Corel Draw

In any case, it is better to also supply the used fonts or vectorised typo.

If the visual provided does not match the required criteria, it will have to be retouched in order to be used in the best conditions.

This will generate graphics costs that will be added to your order because the system cannot verify the compliance of the file.
Graphics fee is 25 € per ½ h.

Depending on the selected print position, we will adapt the best size of the logo.
Be careful if you order children and adults clothes sizes, the maximum size of the print or embroidery will depend on the smallest ordered size.

Anyway the system calculates a fixed fee.
If you want proper printing sizes, thanks to indicate it in your comments, the quote will be revised later with your agreement.

Of course you can place a pay sample order and then send it back to us to integrate these items when printing your order.

It is possible that some articles in certain sizes or colors are out of stock at our suppliers.

In this case, we will contact you to specify the additional time or offer you an alternative in the same price range.

Try to visualize your logo with a "frame" around and estimate whether it filled the frame 25, 50 or 75%.

An average price will be set by the system, but the exact price can't be calculated by the machine, which is why we will come back to you with a final offer before starting production.

Screen printing (min. 15 pieces)
The price of screen printing depends on the number of pieces to be printed, the substrate, and the number of printing colours.
Min. 15 pieces / 1 colour
Min. 20 pieces / 2 colours
+ technical costs depending on the format (A5, A4 or A3)

The price of embroidery depends on the number of pieces and the number of stitches (logo filling). The technical costs of digitisation (digit*) are only charged for the first production.

*The digit is the computer program that controls the embroidery machine.

FLEX (at pd 1 piece)
The price of a flex print depends on the number of printing colours and the size of the logo (A5 or A4). The price remains fixed and does not vary according to the quantities.

The price of digital flex, on the other hand, varies according to the size of the logo and the quantities.

Remarks :
The price of printing is cheaper for light textiles than for dark textiles.
Changes in print colour in screen printing will result in additional costs which will be added to the final invoice.

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It is preferable to make your requests for quotes by email via info@empreinte.be. We will reply within 24 to 48 working hours.

It is also possible to do so via our online quote form.

It is also possible to place an order online for any textile item.

Production time
10 to 15 working days after approval of the proof*.

Once the order has been finalised, you will be notified by email of the availability of the product in our buildings or of the shipment by carrier.

Please note: we will only start production once we have received your approval of the proof. You will receive this document after confirmation of your order.

*BAT: computerized visual of your order.

Please note :
For special productions, a production time will be communicated to you.

Delivery in Belgium and Luxembourg
1 working day

Delivery France
2 working days

Delivery costs
Delivery costs depend on the size of your order.

Fixed costs are counted to put your logo on the frame (s) using screen printing films (cliché) or for the digitalization (mini-program that will drive the embroidery machine to make your logo) of your embroidery visual.
The fixed embroidery fee is payable once. For subsequent orders, if your visual has not changed, only the price of embroidery will be charged.

For new orders in textile screen printing, a re-setting framework will be due. The cliché for its part is preserved by us and will not be payable again.

Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made on delivery at the latest.
Pick-up in shop: payment in cash or by Bancontact.
Delivery: 100% of the amount requested by bank transfer when ordering.

In the case of an online order, it is possible to pay via the online payment platform Hipay (50% deposit).

You can create your personal account on our website.
It will allow you to benefit from various advantages:

  • discounts
  • registration of your configurations
  • storage of your orders
  • space to store your favourite items

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