The benefits of sublimation

Large print area

This digital printing technique uses a dye-sublimation paper, which allows a large printing area to be covered.

Versatile solution

The sublimation printing allows the customisation of many types of promotional items and textiles, provided the surface is white. 

Quality results

Dye sublimation marking uses digital printing, which guarantees a photographic quality visual.


Freedom of colour

With custom sublimation, the logo or artwork is printed in 4-colour process (CMYK) with no limit on the number of colours.


Frequently asked questions

The image or artwork is first printed on sublimation paper in full colour. Once the sheet has been cut, it is applied directly to the article using a heat press. During this process, the ink transforms the solid particles into gaseous particles that penetrate the surface of the article. Once the item has cooled, the ink is fixed into the surface of the object.

This process allows a colour image to be printed on hard white surfaces, such as a cup, or on polyester items, such as an umbrella.

Sublimation is a technique for marking objects linked to digital printing, which allows you to obtain a faithful reproduction of all your colours in a 4-colour process (CMYK).

Unlike ceramic transfer, which only allows the printing of solid Pantone colours, sublimation allows for 4-colour printing of your artworks. However, the result is a print that is less resistant to scratches and rubbing

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