Benefits of doming

Freedom of colour

This customisation solution, linked to digital printing, doesn't impose any limits on the use of colours.

High-end result

The fineness of the digital printing and the three-dimensional effect provided by the resin dome sublimate your artwork and offer a quality result.

Durable printing

The clear resin layer that covers your artwork adds extra resistance to impact, weathering and UV.

Suitable for all substrates

This versatile technique is suitable for customising objects and goodies with a flat surface. 

Frequently asked questions

Doming, also known as permavision or 3D labelling, is a technique for customising goodies using a 4-colour printed adhesive label that is then covered with an acrylic resin dome. Once the labels are coated with resin, they are then cured in an oven and can be applied to objects.

This marking technique consists of applying a transparent resin to a previously printed adhesive support. The result is a three-dimensional effect that enhances your artwork, while providing a protective layer that ensures the longevity of your print. 

Doming of promotional items is suitable for both small and mass production.

This process, linked to digital 4-colour printing, imposes no limits on the use of colours and is suitable for all flat surfaces. 




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