Benefits of screen-printing transfer

Print quality

Like screen printing, this transfer screen printing technique offers a wide range of vibrant colours for the closest possible match to your original artwork.

Mass production

This printing technique offers very good colour retention and quality results, even when producing large quantities of textiles

Printing on all media

Like other types of indirect printing, flex transfer makes it possible to customise the most demanding materials in the most delicate locations.

Large selection of colours

This customisation solution allows you to print up to 8 colours in solid or 4-colour process, including Pantone shades.

Frequently asked questions

Screen printing transfer is a 4-step printing process.

  1. Printing on transfer paper: the colours of your artwork are printed one by one on a special silicone-based paper (one frame per colour, as in screen printing). 
  2. Glue sprinkling: once the entire print is complete, a layer of glue in the form of adhesive powder is added. 
  3. Firing: to fix the colours and the glue, these papers go through a drying tunnel (oven).
  4. Transfer to the substrate: the print is transferred to the textile using a heat press. The heat and pressure action melts the glue and guarantees good adhesion of the ink to the item.

Screen printing transfer is compatible with all types of materials and is suitable for even the most demanding substrates. This technique offers a large printing area, excellent colour retention and a high-quality result, even in the smallest details. It is therefore the perfect solution for a cost-effective and long-lasting product.

This printing technique is suitable for the production of large quantities of textiles and can be used to print up to 8 colours in solid or 4-colour process (including Pantone shades). 

The cost varies depending on the number of items and the number of colours you wish to print. This process is mainly used in professional, advertising or sports environments, when direct screen printing is not possible.

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