Benefits of flex

Suitable for small quantities

Flex transfer printing allows for small quantities of customisation on the clothing and accessories of your choice. 

Individual customisation

This technique, adapted to the production of small series, offers you the possibility to customise each piece differently (names, numbers, totems, etc.)

Printing on all media

Like other types of indirect printing, flex transfer makes it possible to customise the most demanding materials in the most delicate locations.


Large selection of colours

Flex film is available in various monochrome rolls that are particularly suitable for single-colour graphics. Would you like multi-coloured flocking? Digital flex allows you to print an artwork in a 4-colour process (CMYK).

Frequently asked questions

Flex is an iron-on vinyl film that comes in rolls of various colours and textures. Once the text or design has been composed on the computer, it is cut out of the material using a plotter (digital cutter). Next, the design must be weeded out and heat-bonded to the garment using a heat press. This flex transfer customisation technique is also known as textile flocking.

Once the design has been cut into the material with a digital cutter, we remove the excess vinyl film to reveal your text or logo. Your artwork is now ready to be flocked on the textile of your choice.

Digital flex is a hot melt technique that uses the same iron-on vinyl film as cut flex, except that in this case the design is not cut out of the material, but printed directly onto the substrate digitally. Then your design is simply heat glued to the garment using a heat press.


This iron-on vinyl film customisation solution offers a wide selection of colours and textures and is suitable for all textile materials. This technique allows for individual customisation (names, numbers, totems, etc.) and the production of small series (minimum 5 pieces).

This 2-step customisation solution is an inexpensive technique whose cost varies according to the quantity of visuals to be printed per piece and their surface in cm².

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