Step 1Choice product(s): color(s) and quantities
Step 2Creating a configuration or adding to an existing one
Step 3Definition of customizable areas and desired technical
Step 4Sending the quote request to
Step 5Order and payment of a deposit online

Practical informations

With the configuration tool on our website you will be able to achieve your own quotes textile customization and manage your orders until payment online.

The configuration can be named anything you want (ex: work clothes) – it will include the textile’s choice you made (articles, sizes, quantities and colors) and the areas of customization that you have chosen based on printing techniques (screen printing, flex, digital flex, transfer, embroidery, embroidered badge) proposed for each kind of textile.

For that you need to create your personal account, it will allow you to enjoy various advantages such as: discounts, saving your configurations to come back later if you like, the storage of your orders to facilitate your re-order as well as a space to store your favorite items.

Upon receipt of your online quotes, will check your configuration to see if everything is complete and printable that way. Please note that the quote calculated by the machine could be reviewed, the amount given indication only. The official order will be sent within 24 hours from the date of your shipment.

It is also possible during office hours, to call our team to help you in your efforts. You also have the possibility to leave comments in the section to this attention, we will realize your estimate, taking into account your requests and our experience in the field of textile printing.

Thank you for trusting us..