Textile printing and advertising items

Empreinte.be is specialized in textile printing since 1996.

Since 2006, it has also diversified in the sale of advertising objects and offers a wide range of gadgets to broadcast your image as a gift to animate your various events or simply delight your customers, your employees.

Here is a description of the various techniques we use to print on supports that we offer :

The textile printing techniques

The screen printing

Screen printing is a printing technique derived from the stencil. This is a method which consists in passing the ink through the fine meshes of a silk screen with a scraper to be deposited on the print media. We use special inks with each kind of textile.

This technique is suitable for large quantities - printing from 1 to 8 solid colors or CMJK.

Its cost varies depending on number of pieces and number of colors you want to print.

Minimum quantity: 15 pieces.


Relief marking technique that offers superior quality. Often more expensive but unalterable in time. Made more chic. Its cost varies depending on the number of points to embroider. Ideal for fleece.

Direct embroidery on textiles or as a badge, thermocollant badge or sewing.

No minimum quantity.


Alternative to screen printing, this technique is suitable for the production of small series, the personalization or numbering textiles.

The flex is a thermocollant vinyl which is in the form of different colors and textures rollers. Once the text or drawing made on a computer, it is cut into the material by using a plotter (digital cutter). Then you have to weed the logo for it to appear and thermo-paste using a hot press.

1 color - no minimum quantity.

Digital flex

Same application instructions than the flex, but here the vinyl is digitally printed with the colors of the visual. Its cost varies depending on the amount and the area in cm² of your logo.

Printing full color - no minimum quantity

The screen printing transfer

Consists in printing a screen printing ink on paper, transferred to textiles using a heat press.

We mainly use this technique when it impossible to apply direct screen printing. Ex : for caps, special textile materials...

Printing from 1 to 12 colors - Minimum quantity: 50pcs

The advertising objects
printing techniques:

Pad printing

Pad printing is a labeling technique which consists of using a silicone pad. Pad printing fits perfectly to each surface. Indeed, that flexibility allows for example to print on non-smooth surfaces or curves.

Quick marking for small and large series.

Recommended for advertising pens, advertising lighters, advertising keychains, etc...


Doming is a technique of applying a transparent resin on a digital printing. This creates a nice three dimensional effect. This technique is used for a variety of applications such as key chains, stickers or nameplates.

Laser engraving

The laser focuses light and loads it of an amount of energy as it melts metal, burns wood, or abrades the glass. Due to the high temperature of the finely focused laser beam, this marking causes a permanent change in the structure of the labeled material. Color is not possible with laser engraving. The final color will be determined by the material in which the object is made.

Very elegant and discreet, it increases the "perceived value" of the object that you give as a present.

This technique without ink usage can contribute to a successful and comprehensive approach around the concepts "sustainability" and "bio - eco".


The in-mold labeling - (IML) - is a process which fuses the label and packaging during the injection molding process or by blowing.

The pre-printed label is placed into the mold just before injection which permits their inclusion in the packaging material. With this technique, the label maintains its integrity - no scratch or peel - and esthetically, its print quality gives an exceptional and lasting result.

Mainly used for our lunch boxes, freshness boxes, goblets...


The logo is pressed against the object selected by using a relief plate. The relief is thus transferred to the product. This process is unalterable in time and gives prestigious effect to your brand and object. Specially used on flat surfaces: calendar cover, leather or imitation leather...

Embossing as laser engraving is not possible in color.

Digital printing

Ink jet printing technique for flat articles, on almost all materials.

The logo is digitally printed directly on the object. From simple text to high definition pictures, everything is possible.

The marking is done with great precision and is especially recommended for visual in full color.

The printing can be performed on the entire article, which makes the marking surface much bigger than with a tampon.

UV High gloss

Silkscreen marking using UV inks on ceramic, glass and porcelain.

Bright colors are printed in high resolution. Respect for the environment (cadmium free).

Resistant to 500 passages in the dishwasher.

Ceramic sublimation

Technique used on ceramic guaranteeing high digital printing quality, comparable to a photo.

Ideal for full color logo. Less scratch resistant - Hand washing recommended.

Ceramic printing

Direct serigraphy printing cooked at high temperature (+ -800 ° C). Scratch resistant and dishwasher safe - solid colors, no CMYK.


Sticker with full color digital printing